Goddess Evelyn My Little Loser

You know that you belong to Me, right? You know that you’re Mine? I can do whatever I want with you. You’re My little loser. You love how I treat you. You love being teased by Me. The way that I humiliate you just gets your little dick rock hard. You cant help but mindlessly stare and stroke. Well little loser, I’ve thrown you a bone. I’m completely naked. Of course you wont get to see anything, but I know just the sight of My bare skin drives you wild. Just the sight of it causes you to franticly stroke and obsessively watch for any slip ups. As you start to stroke I start to humiliate you for being so weak minded. I have you wrapped about My finer. I can do what I want with you. You belong to Me.

MySweetApple Holidays At The Naked City

We decided to visit the naturist city of Cap D’Agde in France, but we don’t like keeping you out of our sexual life, so we made this video for you! Here you can see us enjoying the sun completely naked and fucking in every public place we could find. The experience was out of this world and we even did public live shows! But words cannot describe it, buy the video and see it for yourself. Hope it’ll make you want to visit Cap D’Agde soon.
“This video includes some scenes of the video “Fuck me in the Jacuzzi” since they were recorded on the same location and this is a compilation of all of our trip to Cap D’Agde, France. Nevertheless the videos are completely different”