GoddessWolfe You Want Some Too

Before leaving you to complete your assignments for the afternoon, Goddess Wolfe instructed you to meet her down in the basement upon finishing, where She will be playing with Her favorite bull.
you quickly, yet mindfully finish all of your assigned tasks, and head down to the basement. you walk in and see your Goddess ask Her bull to lick Her. They must have heard you enter, but neither Goddess Wolfe nor Her bull acknowledge you for several minutes. you know your Goddess likes it when you watch Her get pleasured by superior men, so you move in close to get a good look at the action; his tongue licking Her sexy holes, and the pleasure on Her face as he does so. Finally, your Goddess smiles at you, just before She buries Her head in the futon as Her bull brings her to climax.
By the time Goddess Wolfe lifts up Her head and speaks to you, you’re drooling down your chin, thinking of what She might taste like. Entertained by your obvious desire to put your little slave mouth where you know it doesn’t belong, Goddess Wolfe begins to taunt you with what you can’t have… what you can’t have unless, of course, you wait until She coats that perfect ass of Hers in Her bull’s cum. Ecstatic to be offered even the privilege of licking bull cum from Goddess Wolfe’s ass, you kneel on the floor below them and watch as your Goddess pleasures Her bull, milking his big load that She built up onto Her ass for you to clean with diligence and pride.
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