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Sloansmoans Sexy Dance Striptease

Watch my very first sexy dance and strip tease… I start off wearing yoga pants that hug my ass in all the right places. As I sway to the music, I start slowly and sensually removing my clothing until I’m down to my black thong. I get carried away by the music and rub my pussy until I orgasm… Enjoy me, xo

Phatassedangel69 PAWG GF Double Penetration Masturbation

I walk into the room in jeans and a t-shirt. I say “Hey Babe” and shimmy off my jeans. I grab my book and lay down on the bed, laying on my stomach facing away from you in my thong and t-shirt. I start reading and get lost in my book. I reach back and start grabbing my ass a little. I jiggle it around a bit and eventually grab a big handful and shake my ass. I’m still totally focused on my book, I reach back and pull my panties to the side and start rubbing my asshole. I stick my finger in my mouth and back to my ass and slide it inside of me. I slowly finger my asshole and get faster and deeper until I start moaning a little. I turn around to face you, embarrassed slightly, and say “You pervert! Are you seriously just watching me?” I giggle and tell you “It’s my body, I can play with it if I want to! But I guess you can watch me read my book if you’d like.” I turn back to read my book. I start playing with my ass again, jiggling it around, grabbing it, obviously putting on a show for you now. I wiggle my ass around, teasing you, and then I get up on my knees and bend over so my face is on the bed and my ass is in the air. I put my finger in my mouth and then start fingering my asshole. First with one finger, and then two. Then I turn around and take off my shirt and say “So are you gonna stick your tongue in my asshole or what?” Before turning back around, face down ass up, and slowly peel my panties off for you. I spread my ass for you, I show you my perfect little asshole up close and play with it more. I then start fucking my ass with a dildo, maintaining eye contact most of the time. I fuck myself in doggy, laying on my side, then on my back. Eventually I get a second dildo and work that into my pussy. I make myself feel amazing while you watch, fucking both holes and enjoying every second of it. I get an adorable little asshole gape too. Then I grab my vibrator and hold it to my clit while I continue fucking my ass until I orgasm. Then I blame you for distracting me from my book!

Stefolino Totally Anal

Sasha is calleing herself a anal slut, who is getting muliple anal orgasms by penetrating her juice asshole very deep and hard. You also will see here some double penetration with cock in her ass and toy in her pussy! At the end she takes all cum in her mouth and swallows it.

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It’s been way too long since I played with my horse dildos, so I decided to make a video with them! First I start with my medium chance and use that to stretch out my pussy before moving on to the large one. I fuck myself in a whole bunch of positions but try to stick to angles where you can see my ass. After fitting the large horse dildo in my pussy I put the medium one inside my asshole and fuck both my holes at the same time. A little while later I pump my pussy full of fake cum and then you get to watch it drip out while I gape my ass a bit.