It is our first date. You take me out to a fancy restaurant and drop me off at home where I say goodnight. I’m a little tipsy still from all the wine we drank at dinner and luckily that gives me the liquid courage to turn around and invite you inside… to my bedroom. You offer me a foot rub, and in exchange, I do a sexy little strip tease. Then after I am undressed, you offer me a full body rub. This loosens me up even more and I grab my vibrator because I am so relaxed and turned on – but wait! This is our very first date and I am a very good girl, so you only get to WATCH me cum and listen to everything I want you to do to me on our next date… I can’t help but enjoy being a tease and making you want me more and more… How long can you last while I tell you exactly where to touch me and how to please me? Oh.. and where I want you to cum.

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